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What is Home Automation

Home Automation is making your life simpler so you can concentrate on the big things. It can make life more fun, safe, and energy saving.

The usual home has many systems in it. These can include whole house music, intercom, distributed video, networking, security, lighting control, heating and cooling systems, cameras, pool and spa control, gate control, etc. A home automation system ties all of these systems together so you can interface with them from one point of contact. With custom programming, you can automate all kinds of things to make your life simpler and make your home a safer place.

A complete home automation system communicates with all of the subsystems mentioned above. Any single subsystem can operate independently in a well-designed automation system. By using wireless touch panels, in-wall touch panels, keypads, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or on any TV in your home, you tell your home automation system how to control all of your subsystems.

Let’s say you are having a party and want the lights to go to a certain level, play a favorite list of music, turn the thermostat up 3 degrees, open the blinds, and turn the gas fireplace on. With one touch of a button from any device mentioned above it could do all of this! The possibilities are endless.

Control 4 is the brand we turn to for Automating the Home. With its affordable pricing and endless devices for every subsystem, it is the right choice. This was the first company to use zigbee as a communication between devices, much like the wireless internet in your home. Zigbee has become a well known communication platform that is now being adopted by every subsystem


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